Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

USB Floppy Emulators with AKAI MPC60 & S950

USB Floppy Emulators - SFRM72-FU and SFRM72-FU-DL

You get the Emulator from Ebay around 40 Euros.


There is no need to change any jumper settings for the MPC60, it just works.

Formatting USB-drive:

 On the CD, navigate to "CD/english/SOFTWARE for XXX-U100" version and extract "usb-floppy-format-tool_v123_sfd" and start the application "V123_SFD.exe".

 Just select 720 kB as Floppy Type, and click "Begin Formatting...".

 The floppy supports 99 directories and a root directory. Each directory is numbered from 00 to 99 and represents the contents of a 720 kB disk. The files are saved directly in the file system of the USB drive, i.e. no virtual disk images or the like that you need special software for reading/writing.

Using the emulator:

The floppy emulator has two buttons on the front. These buttons have different functions depending on if a USB drive is inserted or not.

If no USB drive is inserted in the floppy emulator, the buttons are used to select the directory. The left button increases the directory/disk number by 10, and the right by 1.

When a USB drive is inserted the buttons change function to "out" and "in". The floppy emulator has a built in flash memory buffer and these buttons are now for exporting the contents of this memory to and from the USB drive.

To write to the USB drive, press the left button. The display on the floppy emulator should now read "d1". Save your files on the MPC. Now press the left button again. This exports the files from the internal memory of the floppy emulator to the USB drive. Now press the right button, which puts the contents of the selected folder on the USB drive into the floppy emulators internal memory. Done!

Now you can remove the USB memory, plug it into your computer to backup the files or edit the files with Awave Studio for example.

There are two 720kb models confirmed to be working in the MPC60 / S950.

 1. SFRM72-FU (Emulates up to 99 floppy disks on a USB drive)
 2. SFRM72-FU-DL (Emulates up to 999 floppy disks on a USB drive)

1,44MB emulator is not tested yet! Feel free to try and send us the information.

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